World Press Photo: The Photographers Speak


May. 21st 2008 in we recommend

Being a photographer for me is a way to  witness, acknowledge and share the grandiose spectacle this world is.  I capture and emphasize its magical moments, a unique view, as only perceived by this here seat in the audience. Or rollercoaster. Or, as you will see below, the middle of the playing field.

World Press Photo has published their annual awards accompanied by interviews by the winning photographers. Erika Larsen and her tale about photographing American children hunting, Platon’s chance to create a warm human interaction with Putin, Tim Herrington’s intimate connection with the American soldiers in Iraq all touched me. And, thanks to David Littschwager’s photographs, now I know that swimming in the ocean is actually swimming in life. Literally.

You’ll notice that the photographers share a special excitement for seeing, experiencing and sharing this wonder-world we live in.

Go, hear their stories, borrow their eyes.

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