The Art of Survival: Key Strategies of Overcoming a Chrisis


May. 22nd 2008 in witnesses

Guy Kawasaki interviews Jerry White, founder of Survivor Corps, who lost his leg in a landmine explosion years ago and later shared the Nobel Piece Prize for his efforts to ban landmines. He recently published a book called I Will Not be Broken: Five Steps to Overcoming a Life Crisis.

According to Jerry, the five main stages in overcoming a chrisis, are:

  1. Face facts.
  2. Choose life, not death.
  3. Reach out.
  4. Get moving.
  5. Give back.

What I found most valuable in this conversation is this little sentence:

Giving keeps us from slipping back into a victim mentality.

So true! Generosity reminds us that we always have something to share. Switches our internal state from lack to abundance, from victim to joy.

You’ve heard these a million times: “Be the change you want to see into the world!”, “Be abundant and you will attract abundance.”

And this is how you do it. Share yourself. Volunteer, even for an hour. Give what you love giving and enjoy abundance working through you.

Also, unlike others, he says “I never give good press to a bad thing… I don’t romance my pain.”

You don’t need to step on a landmine to transform your life. Another man went there and did that and shared his experience so we can learn. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate his gift.

This man’s story is amazing and tremendously inspiring. Buy the book here, read the full interview here.

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