Living Without Money, Since 2000


Jul. 23rd 2009 in human spirit

Daniel Suevo has been living without money for almost a decade. His website is a fascinating read. Here’s an excerpt:

Tyrants Retaining Their Own Waste (Anal Retention)

Often when you are caught at a dumpster by store owners, you are treated with contempt.  What is contemptible and inexcusable is the waste, and what is  both contemptible and ridiculous is locking up your waste (called anal retention) to keep hungry people from eating, and having the gall to act self-righteous in the process.  This is mental illness, institutionalized and whitewashed.  Notice how they almost always tell you it is “for your safety”.  Notice that tyranny in all its forms all over the world is almost always done “for your safety”, “for your security”.  The corporate tyrant is turning the tables to look like the compassionate one, the intelligent one.  The tyrant is telling you you are not smart enough to take care of yourself.  Simply because the tyrant is a have and you are a have-not somehow makes the tyrant worthy to treat you like a child, when in actuality it is the tyrant who is living in ignorance and needs educating.

The tyrant is also not speaking his or her own mind, not speaking from the heart, but is speaking a script programmed into him or her by the corporation that is paying him or her.  Notice how the tyranny in humans is not from reality, not from human-ness, but is scripted programming, paid programming. A human running from the heart and not from a program is not going to guard a dumpster from the hungry.  A human running from the heart has common sense, because he or she is not motivated by dollars and cents.  This is the secret in human relations, learning how to see the human beneath the scripted program, and appealing to that human.  Believe it or not, there is actually a human beneath the facade of corporate managers and cops and their lackeys.  Learn how to be totally real, totally sincere, with these robots and, as a result, you learn how to wake up the sleeping human within them.  I mean, respect them, as humans.  Never respect them as robots.  You can love a human.  You cannot love a robot, so don’t pretend.  Try it.  Be bold, be brave, be real: be wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove.”


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