The Offering: Service Done Right, At Your Farmers Market


Oct. 28th 2010 in money and business, we recommend

Every Thursday I go to the local Farmers’ Market and witness a microcosm economy in action. There’s a lot of healthy competition and a hungry crowd that provides immediate feedback to the vendors by the virtue of ┬áthe truest of all votes, the vote of hard-earned cash. To my eye, this small space represents a high-pressure lab of marketing, client relations, product design and all the little things a company does that make it a success or a failure, with examples of both dysfunction and inspiration.

One of the inspirations is Julie of sharing her sweet and beautiful creations along with a graceful smile. I sense an intentionality and integrity in everything around her: the carefully crafted cupcakes, the colorful and well-thought out presentation, how Julie speaks with her customers, how she hands them the product, the gratitude and respect when she receives their money.

I see a different paradigm of service: fully embodied, joyful, honorable and honest. I also see the line of customers, the smiles on their faces and their true vote for support of such an offering.

Needless to say, the cupcakes are divine.

What is your offering today?

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